We specialized in the following four product groups:

RNA Isolation and Amplification

  • ExpressArt® RNA Isolation Kits:
    unique technology for RNA isolation
  • ExpressArt® mRNA Amplification Kits:
    patented technology for universal amplification of even highly degraded mRNAs
  • Patented technology for bacterial mRNA amplification
  • Picograms of total RNA input sufficient
  • Possible applications
     Reliable high quality RNA-Isolation from FFPE-material
     Universal pre-amplification of mRNAs for Transcriptome Analysis
     Universal pre-amplification of mRNAs for Next generation Sequencing Analysis (NGS)

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Functional mRNAs

  • Customized functional mRNAs from any sequence
  • Highly modified or unmodified available
  • cGMP-API-Production
  • Any Scale available (from ng to mg)
  • Highly standardized AmpTec workflow
  • ISO 13485 and cGMP grade available, cGMP-API production available
  • Possible applications
     Highly specific vaccination
     Individualized tumor therapy with tissue-specific and patient-specific tumor markers/antigens (anti-viral therapy)
     Stem cells by cellular reprogramming
     Cell therapy with in vitro generated tissue autologous, patient-derived tissue cells (see Quabius & Krupp, 2014 )

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Long ssRNAs and dsRNAs and DNAs

  • Customized long RNAs and DNAs from any sequence for in vitro diagnostics or companion diagnostics
  • High quality IVT-RNA and DNA in any length and scale
  • Highly standardized AmpTec workflow
  • ISO 13485 and cGMP grade available
  • Possible applications
     Reference material for the development of in vitro diagnostic assays
     Internal control RNA for performance control (e.g. RNA isolation, reverse transcription and qPCR amplification / detection
     Positive control RNAs for controlling high assay qualities

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Functional dsRNAs

  • Customized functional dsRNAs from any sequence
  • Any Scale available (from ng to mg)
  • Direct dsRNA synthesis procedure, not by annealing of two ssRNAs
  • Highly standardized AmpTec workflow
  • Possible applications
     Double-strand RNA (dsRNA) as tool for gene-specific silencing of gene expression
     Long dsRNA is substantially more effective than short dsRNA
     Indirect introduction of long dsRNA in diverse organisms
     Direct injection of long dsRNA in oysters as prominent example

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